BioFloc Systems for Pacific White Shrimp

BioFloc Systems for Pacific White Shrimp

Instructors: Tzachi M. Samocha, Susan Laramore, Nick Staresinic, & Les Knoesen

Venue: HBOI Fort Peirce, FL & Ithuba Shrimp, Fellsmere, FL

Transportation: Participants will be responsible for their transportation to and from HBOI. Daily transportation from Harbor Branch to and from Ithuba Shrimp Farm will be provided.

Lodging: Estimated cost per night $100. Participants will be responsible for obtaining their own lodging. Some area hotels include: Dockside Inn, 772.468.3555,, (9.8 miles); Hutchinson Island Plaza Hotel, 772.595.0711,, (9.9 miles); Holiday Inn Express, 772.464.5000, (11-12 miles); La Quinta Inns & Suite, 772.828.4199,, (11-12 miles); Holiday Inn Oceanside, 772.231.2300, (16.6 miles)

Meals: Continental breakfast and lunch will be provided.

Tentative Course Outline:
Day 1: 1. Introduction: HBOI 2. Shrimp Biology: HBOI 3. Biofloc, Shrimp Feed & Feed Management: HBOI 4. Water: HBOI & Ithuba Shrimp Hands-on: Monitoring WQ, Tank Inoculation, Application of Nitrifying Bacteria - HBOI

Day 2: 5. Site Selection & Production System Requirements: HBOI 6. System Treatment and Preparation: HBOI Hands-on: Monitoring WQ, Assembly of Foam Fractionator, Settling Tank and Multi-cyclone filter Combating Ammonia & Calculating Organic Carbon Requirements - HBOI

Day 3: 7. Water Quality Management: HBOI 8. Nursery: HBOI Hands-on: Calculating Chemical Requirements to Maintain Alkalinity and pH, Construction of Waste Solid Separator, Green-water Control, Flow Measurement, Monitoring WQ in Test Tanks, Bacterial Sampling, PL Acclimation, Evaluation, Counts & Growth Sampling, Data Entry & Interpretation - HBOI & Ithuba Shrimp.

Day 4: 9. Grow-out: HBOI 10. Shrimp Harvest: HBOI 11. Waste Treatment and Disposal: HBOI 12. Disease and Biosecurity: HBOI Hands-on: WQ Monitoring in Test Tanks, Monitoring TSS, Bacterial Counts with Pathogenic and Non-pathogenic Enumeration, Growth Sampling, Data Entry & Interpretation, HBOI & Ithuba Shrimp

Day 5: 13. Economics of Super-Intensive Recirculating Shrimp Production Systems: HBOI 14. Research and Results: HBOI 15. Troubleshooting & Management Tools: HBOI Hands-on: WQ Monitoring in Test Tanks, Data Entry & Interpretation HBOI & Ithuba Shrimp, Videos of Interest: HBOI

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