30 Profiler Meal Plan


I. Eligibility Requirements: All FAU non-resident students, faculty and staff.

II. Cancellation of Contract: Profiler Meal Plans are non-refundable. Participants may not cancel or terminate this contract except as stated herein. Participants are responsible for paying all meal plan charges which cover the entire term of the contract.

Meal Plan balances roll over from semester to semester as long as plan remains active. Upon twelve (12) months of inactivity the30 Profiler Meal Plan will be cancelled and no refunds will be granted. Requests for cancellation and prorated refund will be approved only if the participant submits written documentation and the cancellation is for one of the following reasons:

i. Dismissal or separation from the University (student, faculty, and staff)

ii. Withdrawal from the University (students)

Students leaving school for medical reasons must provide proof of withdrawal, which is obtained from the Dean of Students Office.

III. Campus Meal Plan Payments: The Profiler Plan must be paid in full upon submittal of this contract, and can be purchased anytime during the academic year. If a student would like to purchase a Profiler Meal Plan and bill the charges against Financial Aid, a Financial Aid Promissory Note must be completed. Financial Aid award will be verified and plan activated depending upon award. For Financial Aid purchases, go to Business Services, Student Union, room 204.

IV: Activation of Meal Plan: In order to begin using your meal plan, you must first obtain your OWL CARD from the OWL CARD Center located in the Student Union.

V: Lost of Stolen Cards: It is the cardholder?s responsibility to report OWL Cards lost or stolen. Lost or stolen cards can be reported by calling 561-297-2041 or email bizservices@fau.edu (for meal plan only). Business Services will not be responsible for monies or meals spent on lost or stolen cards up until card is reported. Please report immediately upon loss.

I have read and understand the terms and conditions of this contract and that the information stated above is correct. I also understand that this is a legally binding contract. By continuing with the purchase process, I am agreeing to the terms and conditions.

PLEASE ALLOW (1) BUSINESS DAY from time of purchase before meal plan is activated. Plan holder must have OWL Card for Profiler Meal Plan to be activated.

Stock number:

Profiler 30