OWL Bucks

Florida Atlantic University's online declining balance account is better known as OWL Bucks. OWL Bucks is a convenient, prepaid declining balance account designed for students, faculty and staff which allows account holders to make purchases everywhere that OWL Bucks are accepted.

Anyone with an OWL Card may open an OWL Bucks account. OWL Bucks give spending flexibility at participating campus locations.

Locations where OWL Bucks are accepted

Atlantic Dining Hall

Breezeway Food Court

Outtakes Convenience Stores

Einstein Bros Bagels

Chick N Grill



Jow Jing

FAU Bookstore

The Pop Up

Dunkin’ Donuts



FAU Club

Why use OWL Bucks instead of other forms of payment? OWL Bucks transactions are much faster than purchases made with cash, checks or credit cards. Most importantly, and OWL Bucks account allows you to budget your dollars over the course of the semester. You can make deposits anytime but you may choose to deposit weekly, monthly or on a semester basis to better allow you to budget your money. Parents- you have security in knowing that the dollars deposited into your student's OWL Bucks account are going towards those necessary campus purchases from food to books to medications. Students, Parents, Faculty and Staff find OWL Bucks an easy and convenient way to conduct business on campus.

Please allow one (1) business day before funds are available. You must have OWL Card for Owl Bucks to be activated.

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