Roundtable: Communications Strategies To Improve Your Bottom Line

Find out how to improve your business operations through better communications. This seminar can make the difference.

Better writing and speaking can improve your business' reputation, branding, staff development, customer and employee relations.

Bad writing may be one of the most overlooked business deficiencies affecting companies of all sizes, but how well your employees and executives can write has a direct impact on your company’s operations and reputation. Inaccurate messages, instructions, and legal language cause costly but preventable mistakes.

This session will be held from 8:30 to 10:00 at the FAU UCEW, General Classroom South, Room 215.

We are pleased to provide full scholarships to the first 40 participants who sign up thanks to the sponsorship of the Community Center for Excellence in Writing.

Please add the following code at checkout to receive the scholarship: 061550857037383